The Team

Tony Green

Tony-LaughTony Green is a working composer, studio engineer, producer and musician. After graduating with a degree in Music from the University of Colorado Tony moved to Los Angeles to study with renowned bassist, Brian Bromberg and to work with singer songwriter Kevin Prosch, with whom he later helped form The Black Peppercorns,  a  ‘folk-prog-worship’ group that played in pubs, bars and Churches all over the world with songs that blurred the lines between sacred and secular. They released the album “Tumbling Ground”, produced by Ethan Johns in 1995.

Tony has recorded and or performed with Sam Sparro, David J, Martin Neil, Greg Lake (“Emerson, Lake and Palmer”), Sleepy Ray, Renata Youngblood, The Quintet Offensive featuring Gina Eckstine, the ‘Dry Martini Orchestra’ (A Rat Pack Review), the jazz trio ‘Exhibit A’ with pianist Susan Costantini, Chris Falson and Rhythm Gospel and Blues. Tony has released one solo album ‘Mercy Through This Perilous Mischance’, and scored several films including “Falling Away”  by Michael Trozzo. In his ‘spare time’ Tony is the owner and in-house engineer of Ear Gallery Music (Studios) in LA. His dog is called Mingus.


Sandra Stephens

Sandra-8-e1415319113786While Sandra is one highly sort after  R&B, Gospel singer/worship leader she is also a kind of music therapist and social worker using her creative and spiritual gifts and all types of music to bring healing, well being and balance into the lives of people suffering from learning difficulties and physical and emotional handicaps.

We call her the ‘people whisperer’.

A worship leader in her local Church in Capistrano Beach, CA, Sandra is best known for her work with dance producer Scott Blackwell, and as the lead singer of neo-soul gospel group Rebirth. Sandra released her solo album “He Can” in 2009. Sandra has also recorded with Lanny Cordola, Electric Grooves, Jon Gibson, Gary Griffin (The Beach Boys), John Stamos, Tony Guerrero, Maranatha Music and Chris Falson.

Sandra is also a member of Rhythm Gospel and Blues, and is featured on the Rescue Me album, singing Peace of God, Shine and I Want to Believe.


Tom Clark

Tom Clark at work

I am a bit of a Mad Hatter in that I put on many hats. Some would say having too many hats would compromise the uniqueness of the other hat, but I say it affords me the opportunity to get into more tea parties that have different dress codes.

One hat is a beret that allows me to travel about the kingdom “live painting” at fundraisers, concerts, corporate events, conferences and church services. In concert with these events I also lead workshops and collaborative art studios where everyone is allowed to be creative and get a bit messy.

Another is a hard hat that involves constructing and curating environments in corporations and churches turning large rooms and stages into veritable wonderlands.

Back in the cozy confines of my studio I get to wear the thinking cap of a designer and illustrator as I come up with creative solutions that help companies’ dreams come to life through identity, promotional branding and packaging.

I am also an elder at my local Church… All this to say, if the hat fits–I wear it.


Disneyland • Sony • Warner Bros. Music • Miller Brewing Co. • Western Digital Corp. • Coors Brewing Co. • MTV • Toshiba • Random Hill Publishing • Cirque du Soleil • Sperry Van Ness • Word Music • Salvation Army • Zondervan Publications • Billy Graham Evangel. Assoc. • Maranatha!Music • Worship Leader Magazine • Saddleback Church • Purpose Driven Ministries • Promise Keepers • Leadership Network • Forest Home Ministries

Roy Cochran

Roy+FamRoy is like the shepherd to all the artists and musicians lost in the wilderness. A father to some, a brother to many, he gathers, encourages, feeds (literally), inspires, mentors and sets free, the creative people in the community, to become the ‘story tellers’ they were born to be. 

For the past 8 years Roy has been curating artists gatherings on a local & national level and to facilitate this growing need, he has set up Third Chair Gatherings.  At these events,  Artists are invited to come together to share their lives and talents with one another, to compare notes; the strong helping the weak, the old hand’s mentoring the young, the gifted inspiring the open hearted…. all over a sumptuous meal (maybe the best meal they have enjoyed since the last event).  Whether its just a few people or a hundred, the theme of hospitality dominates the proceedings… fostering a fearless love… and an awakening to a fearless expression of art, music and story telling.

A true servant leader, Roy is the guy that sets the table and opens doors for artists. You’ll find him most days in a coffee shop somewhere, chatting with young and old about identity, about letting go of old hurts or bad experiences… and getting ready for path’s a’new. You can find out more about Roy at

Linda McCrary Fisher

LindaTo some folks, Linda is known for her infectious smile, her bold sense of humor, and/or her enormous heart of gold but to most, Linda McCrary Fisher is known for her undeniably unique gospel infused singing voice.

One of the most sort after vocal producers in Los Angeles Linda has worked with Beyonce’, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Andre Crouch, Michael Jackson, The Doobie Bros, Bon Jovi, Chaka Kahn, Madonna, Elton John on the Lion King Soundtrack… and on such television shows as the Grammy’s, The Jamie Fox Show, Mike and Molly and Mom.

Linda brings the best out of everyone around her, helping people, young and old, to stir up that child within them… and sing from their very soul. If you ever get the opportunity, you want to join a choir she is leading… and you will have more fun than you ever thought possible… and, you’ll discover a voice inside of you that you never knew you had.

Linda is in great demand around the world as a coach, a singer and a vocal producer, but she gets just as much satisfaction singing to a room full of kids at a Children’s Hospital as she does singing in a stadium to a 100,000 ‘grown ups’. Her passion is gospel music and when she is not touring or working with the likes of Tommy Walker, Sandra Crouch, Tommy Coomes and the Billy Graham Organization, or working with the McCrary Foundation, she is producing her own music. Check out her latest song, Help Me To Forgive.

Susan Costantini

Susan-smileSusan Costantini is a pianist, keyboardist-composer and music teacher with- BFA degree from California Institute of the Arts in Jazz and African American Music Performance. Susan has worked on television shows such as “The Riches”, “Girlfriends”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and with artists such as Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith, Chris Falson, Sam Sparro, Herb Shaw, Shontina Vernon, Damumalik, Michael Berg, Justin Catalino, Violet Burning, Linda McCrary, and touring internationally with acclaimed pioneer christian singer, song-writer, recording artist Kevin Prosch.

When not in the studio or out touring, Susan runs the music education arm of Ear Gallery Music.


David Raven

Dave-SmileDavid Raven is one of the most sought after live and session drummers in LA, working with the likes of Keith Richards, Mike Ness, John Doe, Steve Earle, Norah Jones, Carlene Carter, Marvin Etzione, Jim Lauderdale, Matt Redman, East Mountain South, Crystal Lewis, Fernando Ortega, Michelle Shocked, Anne McCue, Don Was, Steve Taylor, Gerry Beckley (of America), Mark Heard, Kim Wilson (of Fabulous Thunderbirds), The Surfaris, Vonda Shepherd, Robben Ford, Ricky Martin, Dillon O’Brian, Leah Andreone, Bobby Womack, Michael Des Barres, Steve Jones (of the Sex Pistols), Dread Zeppelin, Jewel, Paula Cole, Delaney Bramlett, Hank Thompson, James Intveld, Sun 60, Sass Jordan, Nancy Sinatra, Lowen and Navarro, Jimmy Z, Amy Grant, T Bone Burnett, Barry Goldberg, Jude, Grey Delisle, Beth Hart, Carol King, Lucinda Williams, Mojo Monkeys, and Chris Falson and Rhythm Gospel and Blues.

Dave is also a great lover of art and people and in 2001, with his wife Rebecca Ver Straten-McSparran, started the Church “Tribe”, founded with other artists (such as Kevin Rolly) to be an integral part of the LA arts and Burning Man community.

You can check David’s stuff out at

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