Party For The Soul

The title says it all…

These events celebrate life and the sharing of art, music, story telling, good food and hospitality. The Party For The Soul events can be small with just a few people in a living room or large gathering in a club, theater or city square. We stage these events like we would a party of our own. Depending on the size of the event we might invite our favorite musicians, singers, story tellers, fine artists, chefs and servers to join us… to create an ambience… and atmosphere of inclusion and generosity… to let healing flow through all of our unique gifts to one and all.

When we can, we include local talent in our team… for there is no better way to learn… than on the job.

For it is all very well to read or hear about some great story of music or art changing someone’s life… much better to witness it first hand… for as the old saying goes… seeing (or hearing) is believing.

If you are interested in a Party For The Soul event, send us an email at

Here are some videos of some of the recent Parties for the Soul:





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