There are lots of ways of telling stories and we want to explore as many possibilities as our imaginations allow us. While both Music and Video are wonderful story telling vehicles we also want to promote other forms of story telling for the writers of poetry, prose, short narratives, blogs, scripts, theater… and so on.

We want to encourage story telling in such a way that it overtakes the old boring ‘message’ or platform preaching or lecturing style of information givers. Story telling, after all, was the method most often used by the greatest teacher of them all.

Over the years we have supported several authors, including James Langteaux (and his series of books, starting with God.Com). We also helped the Poet Toni Gilyard to publish her first book, Girl between the Trees. And we have high hopes of helping other story tellers publish their works in the near furture.

Here is a very short story… intended (one day) to be a script for a short movie. Click The Magician to read the story.