A Curious Child


A pastor of a very large Church once said to me…

“You’ll never make it here in the US you know…”

‘Here’ being the Christian-Gospel world.

And this curious child replied..

 “Why is that my good sir?”

“Because you ask too many questions!”

And what was meant as a good old fashioned (mean) put down I heard as a compliment. Perhaps one of the best compliments I have ever been given.

Its great when people really ‘get you’… don’t you think?

For at my core being I am a seeker… a curious child.

I find because I seek. Doors open to me because I knock.

childWhat this pastor saw in me was someone who would stir the waters and rock the boat… shake up the establishment for no good reason.

Like anyone, I can be childish and fight battles and or argue over ‘things’ that don’t matter or,  are none of my business.

But the curious child in me, the little one that notices that the Emperor has no clothes on… well he is invited to enter the Kingdom gates… and because he has a beginner’s mind… he has forgotten all the reasons why things won’t work and discovers treasures a new.

Some curious child once questioned the ‘truth’ that the world was flat. What a little brat he must have been.

While record execs and rabid fans insist I perform each song as it was recorded I must always disappoint them and play and sing as if it is the first time. Each new audience is, at that moment, the most important person in my world.

And when I strum my first note, I have the excitement of the curious child, I am once again exploring a new world… and who knows what I will find out there.

Advertising and propaganda on the other hand provide answers. Just do this and that and everything will work out.

And this is what the pastor really wanted from me… ‘here’s your thirty silver coins… just tell them the answers and be off with you’.

But music that carries the soul of the performer within it… is a living thing. And dare I say that it  is stirs the soul, heart, mind and spirit of each listener. This living thing causes us to dream, to wonder, to seek, to call out. It changes us… forever.

When I train people… I want them to unearth the curious child within themselves… and then allow this beginner to question tones, sounds, beats, lyrics… always seeking a better way to tell the story at any given time… to any given audience.

For some this is a joy… for others… this journey can be uncomfortable. It often is.

But today, do your soul a favor and ask a question.

Your inner child is dying to hear the answer.






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    1. Thanks Scott… it as been good to see your poetry up on Facebook… keep making hay while the sun shines (you can have that one)

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