The Curious Music Maker

What happens when the curious child in us makes music or writes songs?

When we feel no pressure from adults, from peers or society, trends, the popular people, the FB likes, our audience or fans, the leaders of our community and or the Boss that signs the checks… we are free to say what we want and… how we want.
dartpainterWe can write absolute nonsense and it wouldn’t matter.

We could experiment with topics, rhymes, beats, time, instrumentation, lyrics and so on.

We could, in a sense, throw musical paint at a canvas to see what it looks/sounds like.

Or we could just turn the canvas upside down? It might be what we had in mind but couldn’t say in an upright position.

With no one to impress… what can you hear or see in your curious child imagination?

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It Begins with Encounter

Encounter = Identity = Fearless

Through an encounter with God we discover our identity. And, as the ‘real me’ emerges from under the blanket of lies, hurts, disappointments, failures, confusion and other calamities that shape our false identity, we begin to become a fearless person.

Fearless to be ourselves and do what we ‘came here’ to do.
But the encounter part is a daily process not a once off epiphany.
It is so easy to let few days go by, then a week… without even a moment with our Creator and as a consequence, we begin to forget who we are. And then we become fearful and start to worry that what we are doing is not really so important, that people secretly disdain our self-expression and that the circumstances surrounding us (that are worsening by the minute)  make it impossible or pointless to proceed.

And in this state of unreality we mope around with an attitude of ‘ why bother’.

But an encounter ignites the mindfulness of His reality… of who we really are and what we are to do today… and the next day.
If I find Him I will find myself and if I find myself I will find Him.
 The facts maybe one thing but the truth is another thing entirely.  And this truth of who we are is only gathered through one encounter…  and then another… and another…