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Good-BandShot-Party-DanaPointWe had been on the look out for a local (Hollywood) venue in which to throw a Party for the Soul or two. Jim, the manager of a very swanky apartment complex on Sunset Blvd heard of our plans and asked us if we would, in his words, ‘come do your thing and help build community here in West Hollywood’. It was a rhetorical question to us because… this is our mission and (after many years of trial and error) we now know that when we share our music, our art, our food, our table and our lives with others… community springs up naturally.

And so, on the evening of the 13th of November we will be throwing a semi-private Party for the Soul event for Jim, his friends and the local residents of Sunset and West Hollywood. Jim has sent out hundreds of invitations already and with our little posse of revelers, music makers and hospitality folk, we should be able to get this ‘fire’ started. We expect this to become a monthly gathering and then, along with the enthusiastic Jim, we are planning a few Big Open parties in West Hollywood for next year… I’ll keep you posted.

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