We host all kinds of events here in Los Angeles and around the world. We also offer our services to other organizations in need of some living breathing music, art and hospitality. However, this is what we do best...

Party For The Soul:

A party might take the form of a ticketed party event, a concert in either a market-place venue or Church, a house concert in a living room or garden, a regional music-art tour, a fund raiser (for our needs or another organization), an inner city art-walk, a corporate music-art event, an arts/music festival, our own version of a Ted talk… or even an actual production.

Whether it be for just a few people in a living room or… for a large gathering in a club, theater, city square or church, we stage every event as if it were our own. Depending on the needs of each community we might invite local musicians, singers, story tellers, fine artists, light and sound producers, chefs and servers to join us… to create an ambience… and atmosphere of inclusion and generosity… so that the gifts of hope, joy, peace and hospitality flow through one and all.

House Concert:

While it is a thrill to perform in a nightclub, or at a large festive community event… or in a stadium and experience the euphoric sound of thousands of people singing as one… it is often, within the intimate setting of a home or garden that we find the most freedom to create an inclusive atmosphere of peace and healing… through songs, music, art and story telling.

In a home or garden setting, there is (usually) no ceiling placed upon proceedings… no pressure on the performer to ‘do what we always do’. A house concert is a shared ‘now’ moment, a kind of ‘once only’ event in a surrounding that lends itself to ‘relaxing or unwinding’… and where hospitality, rather than tradition or corporate values, reigns supreme.

To find out more about our House Concerts, or for information on how to host an event like this, visit our House Concert Page.


We have a wonderful bunch of teachers, artists, musicians, songwriters, writers, film makers, light and sound (people) and general event helpers all around the world who are part of our community. While we host lots of small invitation only training events here in Los Angeles we also send people out to teach or train other creatives within communities all around the world.

If you have an interest in hosting one of our creative workshops, visit our contact page and send us a request.


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