Rescue Me

The Rescue Me Project was written and produced for a friend of ours who had struggled with a debilitating illness for most of her life. The concept was this….

“What if” we could just sit in her in room for a moment to sing and play music over her physical and spiritual wounds?

For several months we pondered this… by first imagining ourselves in that room with her… then we gradually constructed a musical conversation about the healing process.

In practicing this amongst ourselves we realized that while we had several songs that worked beautifully within the context of healing, we needed to write others to complete (at least this) ‘conversation’.
Eventually we had nine songs… and while most albums have 10 or more songs… there seemed to be something special about 9… the number of completion… and would that ‘Rescue Me’ serve just that purpose; in first opening the heart to the healing process (Breathe In) and then, while helping to bring closure to ‘old things’, nurture the idea of wholeness (Shine).
While Rescue Me was ‘really well received’ by our intended audience of one, we have since performed this musical healing cycle to many other audiences around the world.

On this project, Chris Falson is accompanied by the very sensitive Tony Green, Susan Constantini Green, Dave Raven, Sandra Stephens and Sam Sparro.

Rescue Me is a musical journey of rest, self discovery and belief.


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