The Release (Short Film)

The Release is a short film, written and directed by our friend John Sideropoulos of 3 Ring Circus.  It tells the story of a young woman who is a victim of child sexual abuse and, how she allows healing and freedom to enter her life. It begins through a chance encounter with a mysterious man who helps her to find the courage to let go and to forgive both herself and her assailant.

Our role in the Release project was in helping to raise funds and to provide several team members for the production. Chris Falson wrote the score and produced the sound design for the film.

We were also joined on this project by the fabulous production team of Mike and Lori Leahy from Strike Accord.

Planted By The Water thanks all who partnered with us in this unique film project to help us to be a healing voice for those that have suffered child abuse.




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