Silver and Gold

We each have something priceless, a ‘thing we do’… that we take for granted, often unable to recognize its value or worth to others.

Some of us can create a gourmet meal out of bread crumbs and leftovers, or see the potential in an old ramshackle house and turn it into a mansion, or enter a pig stye and tidy and clean it as if it were our own, or sit, listen and stay with someone who needs to download their grief or the gripes, or keep a secret and rebuild broken trust, or hug and hold and carry a deeply wounded person, or just be there for that broken soul when all seems lost.

Most of these actions of love go unheralded. Rarely do leaders or public speakers applaud the many actions of unconditional love by ordinary folk on a day to day basis. There is no big story or answer… just lots of little conversations.

I don’t have too many of the qualities mentioned above… neither do I have an abundance of silver and gold… but I can sit and strum and sing for hours to someone who needs a little peace. And regarding this small thing… I am slowly learning that, in a way, it’s my contribution to the community around me.


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  1. From the first time I heard you play in the early days of C3 Long Island your music has always touched my soul. The insights you share speak to me; giving me comfort. I tend to value myself so little, thinking I have no “No Talent” to offer. I received a card today from a very special friend. We had talked earlier in the week and I was not in a good place emotionally. My friend wrote how much of a blessing I am to her. How I’m always there to offer a word of encouragement, to listen, be loving and kind. That I make her feel valued and treasured. Your post speaks of a “talent” to sit, listen and love on someone when they feel their most vulnerable. It was as if God was speaking to me through you. Telling me clearly this is my gift. I’m always quick to dismiss it, saying “oh I’m doing what anyone would do”. I now realize that’s my talent to give to the people around me. Thank you I really needed to hear that.

    1. Yeah Theresa… and as you continue to remind yourself that you have a gift to share, you will find more value in it… and probably discover other hidden treasures inside of you to share or pass along to those around you. Thank you for continuing this conversation, Chris

  2. Yes iit’s so true Chris. I think when we discover these treasures in our lives and give them willingly & unconditionally we can bless so many others including God & ourselves. I have just this last month purchased my first very own piano (after having played for 35 yrs). New music is coming out of me & is touching the lives of others already … just from my living room. I love it!

  3. I really like your posts and short videos, Chris. Your insights are very helpful! Seemingly little things we do now, grow to mean even more as time goes on, because people remember the smallest acts of kindness they receive and it colors their thinking for life.

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