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Like most non profit organizations we are powered by the generosity of friends, family and fans, who believe in us and what we are doing. If you are interested in being part of Planted by the Water, here are a few other ways you can join in the fun:


Help us coordinate an event in your town. It could be a small and intimate music event in your living room or garden….or a ‘Party For The Soul’ event in a club, art gallery, theater or Church… or a Coaching event for your school or college, or local faith community… or a Corporate Event with our ‘full monty’ of music, art and hospitality on show. We love the grass roots method of connecting and developing networks. We prefer to work through people who are ‘a bit like us’…. people on the ground, who have their own network of friends and collaborators… people who are community minded. If you have an idea for an event… just reach out to us and lets begin a conversation about how we can work together.


We have a lovely crew of friends from around the world who turn up to our events to help us. Some people are very hands on and we love that. Some people are unable to travel but they pray for our health, our spiritual growth, our ever growing team of artists and helpers, our finances and many other specific needs that we share with them from time to time. We need this too. So… if you have any interest in being a volunteer or joining our prayer team,  please send us a comment below and we will add you to our ‘team sheet’.

Giving Every Month

Where ever possible we try to raise funds from an event and or from the community that is housing us. However, we often have events that require underwriting, such as concerts in prisons, schools, inner city training or the tours across the US and around the world.

So,  we do need partners who are willing to share this mission of ours,  and who may be able to support us either with a ‘once off’ donation, or sowing into us on a regular basis… even a small monthly donation helps the cause.

You can donate now by clicking on the button provided below or just send us a check to Planted By the Water Inc, PO Box 48316, Los Angeles, CA, 90048, USA.

For those of you that are US residents, all financial gifts are tax deductible.

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