The Contemplative Sinner

The style and sound of this earthy, unpolished contemplative worship is not new for me… I have been making this ‘noise’ most mornings in my living room, studio or home office for over 30 years. It is not a recording made to impress (it is raw and live and carefree) but rather something precious to share with a friend, a fellow seeker or traveler. If, like me… you appreciate that there’s a voice of guidance when you need it, calling you back to the place of new beginnings… or the sacred practice of the quiet time… then you might find solace in this series of live, open ended prayer songs. It is Easter and though I wrote this song long, long ago… I sing it today… a marker for prayer and realignment, as if I wrote it today.

The Wash My Sins Away (Prayer Song) is part of a much larger series, ‘When I’m at the Water’s Edge’... with new tracks being added each week… until I run out of songs to sing.

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