The Curious Music Maker

What happens when the curious child in us makes music or writes songs?

When we feel no pressure from adults, from peers or society, trends, the popular people, the FB likes, our audience or fans, the leaders of our community and or the Boss that signs the checks… we are free to say what we want and… how we want.
dartpainterWe can write absolute nonsense and it wouldn’t matter.

We could experiment with topics, rhymes, beats, time, instrumentation, lyrics and so on.

We could, in a sense, throw musical paint at a canvas to see what it looks/sounds like.

Or we could just turn the canvas upside down? It might be what we had in mind but couldn’t say in an upright position.

With no one to impress… what can you hear or see in your curious child imagination?


The curious child has been active since the beginning of time within inventors, artists, explorers, and poets.

But the first time ‘every’ new or different idea is aired in public… well… it usually requires other curious children to jump in and play with this little idea.

Sometimes… with the collaboration of those that enjoy the wonder of exploring, experimenting and ‘messing with things’… a new tangible sound or song or a method of telling stories emerges. Sometimes the little idea turns into something big.


But at any given time, the current rulers of trends and all things cool are usually governed by the adults in the room… or inside of our heads.

Adults work hard, get tired and say things like… ‘that’ll be a complete waste of time… can we just leave things the way the are?’.

And so the curious child, not quite sure or confident in his or her own identity, is often forced to hide or pretend to be someone else. The pressure to be an adult, to fit in, to be ‘one of us’ or to be a respected leader is so so strong that most of us… much of the time, cannot resist. And soon we begin to speak, or sing, or write or create with a sense of propriety… a responsibility to keep the old flame a’ burning.

Sometimes I catch myself listening to my very grown up voice and I stop for a beat and wonder “Who is this person?”

But… as the law of nature dictates… we cannot help but be vulnerable to ‘childish’ things… and in a moment when we are not quite ‘on our toes’ … we will see or  hear  the play things of other curious children… perhaps it will be song on the radio… it will have a quirky chorus and though we try to resist, we cannot help but smile at its ambitious rhyme. Soon we are tapping our feet… and before we know it we are singing along. We secretly wish that we had thought of that melody or storyline and there’s the hidden child in us that says ‘I could have done that’… which is quite true… if only we hadn’t locked the curious child away in the basement.
AbbeRoadBut you can unlock that door and let the curious child escape… and if given a bit of space and time… he/she will guide you towards wondrous creative adventures.

Give yourself a treat… and when no one is looking… write, sing, shout, dance, walk or at least think something silly today.

Go on… I dare you.



OK… I double dare you.

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