We like the word Collaboration, which originates from the term ‘co-labor’. Our coaching methods are very much hands on as we believe the best way to learn involves ‘on the job training’. Once we have evaluated the needs and available resources we co-develop coaching or training modules and or performance events with local leaders and organizations.

Typically, through a series of ‘show and tell’ exercises we start breaking the religious and cultural boxes that limit creativity and the flow of God’s gifts. Quite often we are merely the catalyst for a series of “Aha” moments for both students and leaders. It is our experience that the creative expressions are usually laying dormant, waiting for some kind soul to release these fresh streams into the local community and beyond.

Often the best training sessions are over a coffee, a shared meal in someone’s home, or while rubbing shoulders during a rehearsal or an actual live event.  Inclusion is one of the oft forgotten keys to life.

To be included is to be loved.


Our objective is simply to encourage the creatives and communicators to have God experiences… to demystify the process of ‘waiting upon God’… to cut out religious jargon, brush aside ‘pretend art’ and provoke a change in the way ‘we’ discuss, create, exhibit and perform both beauty and truth to our communities.

To be planted by the water is more of a prioritized life practice than a mere spiritual concept. To become a certified carrier of water takes desire, time and practice. It is not achieved after reading a book, attending a conference, having an early morning epiphany or a once off ‘hearing from God’ moment up in the Colorado Mountains. It has more to do with a developed habit or even a kind of ‘muscle memory’, similar to the 10,000 hour rule Malcolm Gladwell discusses in The Outliers.

And why is this important?

Because, in this living water experience we begin to discover our true identity… the person ‘God knew before we were born’. And as we learn to carry this water in and through our own expressive forms of communication, we begin to release people out of their pain, suffering, boredom, funk, despair and any other kind of physical or spiritual prison that entraps ‘us all’.

When musicians, artists and story tellers feel empowered to express their God experiences through their art, they become fearless carriers of the intangible gifts of healing and well being.

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