Fantastic evening of music last night at McCabe’s. Chris Falson opened with 2 of his songs, joined by John McFee of the Doobie Brothers. I came on for a few more, then we added Jeddrah Leiterding and Brett Tuggle (Fleetwood Mac). One song later and we were joined by Timothy B Schmit of the Eagles for a song. The evening continued with hilarious onstage banter between me and McFee, with me as the straight man and John as the wild card. Thanks to everyone who came and to all of the performers – love you!” Hank Linderman (Eagles, Chicago, Keb Mo, America)

“Chris, You were exactly what the Physician ordered. The students were inspired, encouraged (and a few butts were kicked), as we knew they would be. You were definitely not “too real”; they need to hear the truth, as we tend to live in a Christiany bubble. (I try to pop the bubble as often as I can, but they hear it better from the outside.) We, too, look forward to the next time. Thank you for honoring us…
Sarah Scott, Adjunct Professor of Music, Vanguard University

I am so glad you guys came and shared in some of what this area has to offer! (Particularly snagging some Mackeral).  This was a special for me and I am still getting some great feedback from people at the concerts and other people who’ve heard about it along the grape vine.” Dan Hannaford, Singer Song-writer, Brunswick Heads, NSW, Australia

“Hey Chris, thanks for being with us this past weekend and for your heart… you are so real, no pretense and your music and writing… it does my soul.. Rescue Me.. Wow what a song …man you’re a serious melancholy but I get it… and congrats and blessing on the record. Thanks for sharing it with me.” Dr Jerry Howell, Destiny Christian Center, Garland, TX

“Hi Chris, the time together was hectic. I don’t think I could live long-term like we did over those 2 weeks (but it would be nice trying.) I think for me it was the sense of friendship and connection over music, creativity, our family, and the sense of mission we both carry.  Coupled with that was the honour you placed upon us by coming to Ballina and bringing such outstanding people as Dave and Karyn with you. Thank you for your support and help with the songwriters. Please come back soon.” Pastor Jeff Frankham C3 Balina, NSW, Au.

Hey Chris, THANK YOU is way too small a response to the gift you were to me, to our curation team and to everyone who came to the GATHERING. I would not have changed a thing in the way you shared your story, your ministry and yourself with us all. I know people are listening to God in a new and refreshed way. Maybe its a first for some? I hope to connect with you soon and often. ANYTHING you invite me to I will come to. Thanks friend, Roy Cochran, Pastor to Artists: The Grove Center for the Arts & Media.

“Chris, so great hearing you play and tell your stories. Thanks for your gracious help with the musicians and being flexible with the ‘chord changes’. The feedback from our group was beyond positive–several I spoke with were deeply moved to tears and everyone loved it. It was a complete statement”  Dave Brisbin, The Effect, Faith Community, Recovery Ministry

Hey man, thanks for your insights, your friendship, your help with our worship team and leaders. Wow, I probably wouldn’t be pastoring this Church if it wasn’t for your encouragement all these years. Love you man.” Pastor Wayne Chaney, Antioch Church, Long Beach, CA

“Hi, my dear friend Chris,how are you? At the beginning of my work here in Livorno, you came for three days, what a wonderful time!!! Do you remember? We were a little, little we are growing and we have become a relational church, just like you showed us. Please come back soon, With love, Dante.” Pastore Dante Bernaducci, Livorno, Italy

Hello Chris! Thank you so much for your amazing words! It’s hard to get back into the swing of things after that amazing weekend! It was so wonderful for us to have you as a part of this time and I had such a great time getting to know you! It’s fun to meet other artists and see how the Lord is using them in unconventional ways.” Rachel Galloway, Awake my Lyre Conference

A friend for many years, Chris Falson has a strong commitment to the local Church, a key principle for anyone who is called to lead people into worship.” Darlene Zschech

“Chris, you are such a gifted worship leader and songwriter. It is a rare event when I don’t sing one of your songs. Keep them coming” Ron Kenoly

“Chris has a wealth of wisdom and insight earned in years of frontline ministry as a worship leader. A true ‘reflective practitioner’, he is an effective teacher of the ;know how’ and the ‘know why’, the biblical principles that should guide worship ministry.” Rob Redman: Dean and Associate Professor of Theology and Ministry at Multnomah University

“Chris’ book (The Making of a Worship Leader) is not a dry theological study of worship. It is an invitation by a person qualified for the ministry to come and learn some key principles that will help your journey.When Chris leads worship, people feel at home and comfortable to receive the grace of God, no matter the extent of their recent failures. It is not surprising that that congregations on every continent embrace his worship songs. They are a direct outflow of a personal worshiper.Malcolm duPlessis, VP, Worship Together

Thank you both for participating in our event this past Sunday.  The Presence of God was so wonderful. We have so many good comments coming back to us about that afternoon.  Please let us know when you can come back. Pat and Shirley Boone, BOONE CENTER FOR THE FAMILY at PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY

” Willing to take the road less traveled, Chris Falson is a sometimes wanderer, sometimes warrior, always a worshiper, risking everything in pursuit of our heavenly Father. My all time favorite worship leader and friend. Falson goes the distance.” Thomas D. Vegh, (former) President/CEO Maranatha! Music

“Hi Chris, when you first came to Capo to lead worship, I, along with everyone in our church was blown away with your giftedness!! Really, you took us to a very special place in worship. I want to say it was and has been some of the sweetest and yet very powerful encounters with God in my life. Thanks You.” Craig Whittaker, Lead Pastor, Capo Beach Church, Capo Beach, CA

Chris brings freshness and vitality to worship every time he ministers. He added such a bold, clear expression worship to our Promise Keeper events in stadiums across the country and is continuing that anointing with this valuable teaching.” Dr Rick Kingham, former VP of Worship/Prayer, Promise Keepers


You’ve been such a blessing Chris, showing us how to blend worship and prayer and I pray for journey mercies on your mission trip in Jesus’ name. May the heaven of mercy, grace and favor open unto your team in Jesus’ name.” Pastor Emmanuel Olaniran, RCCG, Frisco, TX

 “Dear Chris, We have never forgotten the input and the life you demonstrated among us and the friendship you have been to us all these years. The first time you came we were a small group but you kept visiting and bringing other musicians to help us. And now we are many and are able to send out missionaries to China,Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan and India. Do you remember the album you produced for us here in Hong Kong? It was in Cantonese. It was fun watching you work with our musicians and singers. Come back any time my friend.” Pastor Ben Wong, Shepherd Community Church, Hong Kong

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