The Method

Songwriting, a mixture of poetry and music, is a peculiar way of communicating a story, emotion, message or truth. And while there are many genre’s of popular music, the methods of ‘good’ writing apply to all.

Many of us here at PBTW dabble in a myriad of writing disciplines, however songwriting, most of us would agree, is perhaps the most difficult of all to master: Because it requires the skill of the poet, the short storiest, the composer and singer all in one.


While we do run a variety of songwriting programs, led by several gifted teachers, we do have a theme or tone that overrides our teaching philosophy. And that is to do with helping the writer become a ‘listener’ of people, of their journeys, their pain, fears, loss, faith, hopes, needs, dreams and joy. To discover an empathy for the fan (audience), gives the writer permission to then tell ‘their story’, to say through poetry and melody what the working man or woman cannot say (so eloquently) for him/herself. To become an interpreter of others is the making of any writer

Day Seminar

We currently run two different Songwriting programs. One is a Day seminar (generally four hours split into two sessions) on location either at our offices in Los Angeles, Sydney (Au) or Kreuzlingen (CH) and or a location of your choice. This program is designed for a group of students and we add teachers, depending on the size of the event.

One on One or Small Group

We also provide specialized training for smaller groups (such as bands, worship teams) and ‘One on One’ training. This kind of training is on either on location (yours or ours) or via Skype. It can be a one off or a series of ‘classes’ depending on your needs.

Customized Training

We can customize a training program to suit your specific subject(s) interest. We have songwriting teachers who specialize in both the practice and study of writing for TV, Film, Advertising, Worship and Genre specific markets such as Country, Pop and others.

Critical Training: General Subjects within our Modules

* Finding your Voice as a writer

* The Artist Writer… developing your brand

*Wrestling with words, real over cliche, tone over cool, honesty over propaganda.

*Supporting the Title of your song (staying on a narrow course)

* The professional songwriter… writing for others

* Writing for an audience or market.

* Songs/Music: Producing and being Produced (by others)

* Writing and Pitching Music for Film/TV/Ad/Game

* Objectivity… listening to your song as a fan, an agent, a publisher, another artist

* Why do you write? Do you have something to get off your chest, or do want to have fun or make some money?

* You write well but I don’t believe a word you are saying… (The American idol syndrome)

* Stretching yourself by working with others outside your circle.

*Building a community of musicians and singers that can carry the vision of the songs

* Technology: A tool for creativity: Using Logic, Pro Tools, Reason etc

*Producing a Demo the suits the song (and tells the right story)

*Copyright, publishing and general music Biz


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