Worship and Identity


Worship and Identity are eternally linked.

Before we were even born, the Father ‘knew us’. He designed us for a special purpose and for this time in history. But that God shaped identity gets lost in all the noise of the world.

The real ‘you and me’ is often smothered by our emotional pain, the abuse we suffered as a child, our turbulent relationships, our poor life choices and or the rocky roads we mistakenly followed.

Cast All Your Cares

But in God’s presence, we can move out of the noise and into the quiet. In this safe environment we find the strength to let go… of the false identities, or that ‘survivor’ who’s just hanging on by his/her fingernails… and awaken to that fresh faced son or daughter the Lord sees in us.

Our Worship and Identity events are a mixture of songs, story telling, worship and prayer, all underscored by music. We have ‘performed’ them all over the world, in Churches, prisons, hospitals, bars, concert halls and private homes. We shape each event to compliment the audience, culture, need or occasion.

If this is something you’d like for your community, email us at chris@planteredbythewater.com  and we will set up a time to discuss the event or training best suited to your needs.

You can read  a sample of the type of prayer we use here…

Here’s an example of a prayer song. People can sing along or close their eyes and just soak it in…

And here’s what could happen… so be warned!

For some, these events offer a moment of peace  or relief from emotional or physical pain. For others it is a time of awakening to who they are and what they should do with their lives. People discover that God loves them no matter what they have done thus far on their journey. And, letting go of fear, desperate for ‘any kind of help’, some receive a healing from a debilitating illness.

In a bar one night, one of the meanest, ill-tempered, ornery biker’s was itching for a fight (with me). I wasn’t playing his favorite song (Free Bird)… but one of my own about the Peace of God. I sounded more like Paul Simon than Lynyrd Skynyd but somehow, towards the end of the song he let all that anger go and cried, right there in front of everyone. Afterwards he gave me this big bear hug (which nearly killed me… and lasted ‘forever’) and blubbered his way through his life story.

According to the poet William Congreve “… music has charms to soothe the savage beast”

I have also witnessed the most parsimonious looking preacher violate his canon and dance for joy, alienating, for a brief moment, many in his congregation. It was a sight to see and I will never forget the elation on the older man’s face.

Music does that sometimes.

There are lots of stories about the power of music.

Like the one about King Richard dying in a prison cell only to hear a minstrel out on the street by the name of Blondel (surely the lead singer of some punk outfit in the 12th century) singing his favorite song. The song perked the King up no end, he joined in on the chorus and soon after, made his escape.

And what about the story of the young shepherd boy David playing his harp to heal the murderous rage of King Saul?

And did you know that the Chinese symbols for music are practically identical to medicine… Woah!

Here we are working with a local worship team, a little taste of the the identity message…

And here’s what its like when we bring one of our ensemble’s ‘to the party’.

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