Writing ‘All Honor’

I will never forget how nervous I was the first time I led a congregation in worship. It was in winter for I remember wearing a jacket on stage … I also remember sweating profusely and having huge (embarrassing) under arm sweat marks by the second song.

I was nervous for a lot of reasons. I was not a confident singer back then… I was following in the foot steps of some mighty gifted folk… and as much as anything, I was breaking a trend… at least in our small pocket of the world… in that I was leading from guitar.

And of  course I feared many things… making a fool of myself… failing the Pastor’s trust in me… and letting down the good and faithful parishoners on their big day out.

But things worked out OK. I was invited back to lead the next week and then again the following week and soon this became my full time vocation.

And because it was different… a musician leading rather than a minister or pastor… many people thanked me for freshening up the sound… and for my laid back approach to the leading of worship .

Everyone likes to be told they are doing well or have their ego stroked.

But I had not forgotten how fearful I was and how desperate my prayers had been the days leading up to this first Sunday, asking initially for God to beam me up  (get me out of Dodge)… then once I realized that this wasn’t going to happen… that he give me ‘some tips’… or a bit of wisdom on how to lead… or how ‘I’… Chris Falson… the guitar player-sometime singer should lead a congregation in worship.

And this is why I wrote the song… because while people were showering me with praise… I couldn’t accept any of it… and I didn’t want God to think for  a moment that I had forgotten than it was He who deserved all the plaudits.

Subsequently, there were many stories surrounding the performing and recording of this song. None better than the live-recording below from the Lift Him Up Album, featuring Ron Kenoly, a splendid choir and the likes of Abraham Laboriel, Chester Thompson (Genesis), Leanne Albrecht and Alex Acuña.


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  1. My favourite recording of this song is the original, from ‘Stand’.
    Jacky Brigstock leading is so powerful. I still get shivers…

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